Dailys – AI News

The „Dailys“ art project is a creative endeavor that blends the power of automation, artificial intelligence, and artistic expression to reinterpret daily news into visual art. Every day, it automatically gathers news content from www.orf.at and uses AI to distill a summary of the day’s most significant events. From this summary, the AI discerns the overall mood of the news, creating a „mood picture of the day.“ This mood picture then serves as the foundation for the AI to craft a piece of visual art that encapsulates the day’s atmospheric essence, styled after a renowned artist.

„Dailys“ effectively bridges the gap between contemporary news and artistic representation, offering a unique AI-powered perspective on global happenings.

Technical Insight into Dailys by Ghost:
Developed entirely in Python, this project leverages Playwright to fetch headlines from orf.at, condensing them into a comprehensive summary. This summary is then refined into a prompt through a series of steps and submitted to the OpenAI API for further processing, a workflow that is continuously being enhanced for precision.

Initially, the intention was to utilize the image AI Dall-E for visual creation. However, frequent news terms like „war and conflict“ posed challenges due to policy restrictions. Unimpressed by the image quality from Stable Diffusion, the choice fell on Midjourney, despite its lack of an official API and restrictions against automated interactions (here’s hoping for leniency towards our daily automation!).

Midjourney is accessed through Discord, where a bot, activated via Discord’s web interface, commands Midjourney to generate the artwork. The art prompts are enriched by adding a randomly selected artist’s name from a database, and a random number generator picks one of the four proposed images for download.

Subsequently, the acquired image data is saved in a MySQL database and uploaded to a server through FTP. A PHP script then fetches this data to compile and display the final webpage, showcasing the AI’s artistic interpretation of the day’s news. This project stands as a testament to the innovative fusion of technology and art, providing a fresh lens through which we can view our world.

Dailys Overview: https://dailys.the-pannonians.com/
Dailys-Screen-View: https://dailys.the-pannonians.com/daily.php